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Stay the Blazes Home fundraiser for the Petite Riviere Fire Department. Made with hand painted wooden houses and sterling silver.

Birthday Celebration with scrimshaw pearl, driftwood, hessonite garnet and rhudilated quartz, sterling silver

Beach-combing Beauty with Amethyst, silver, brass.

New life, new hierloom created from an old chain and diamond earrings. Clients 10k chain and diamonds removed from a pair of earrings.

A warm glow given to the minimalistic LaLigne earrings. Brass and silver.

A mother of 3 definitely has GRIT! Hand made Perfect Circle chain in silver with 3 gold links, pearl and GRIT charm in bronze.

Wedding ring rebirth.  Old diamond, new band with the Tombstone Mountain range hand carved in wax and cast is 14ky. The gold from the engagement ring was used to create 2 new pair of everyday classic earrings.


Mini links for a strong bond.  10ky gold, oxidized silver.